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Lucille M. Brown Middle School Welcomes Hinche Scholars, Raises $600 through “Hats for Haiti”

December 13, 2011

Thanks once again to the IB Programme of Richmond Public Schools for supporting the Hinche Scholars Program. On Friday Dec. 9, the Hinche Scholars project had the honor of visiting Lucille Murray Brown Middle School where Suze Prince and Berry Riche shared their stories with 600+ middle school students. These young people listened attentively as Suze and Berry spoke of their beloved homeland and of the hardship faced by millions of Haitians, even today, nearly two years after the tragic January 12, 2010 earthquake.

On Friday, the Hinche Scholars received a very warm welcome at Lucille M. Brown Middle School (From L to R) Mrs. Tracy Cady, Suze Prince, Danny Yates, Berry Riche, and Ms. Denise Lewis
On Friday, the Hinche Scholars received a very warm welcome at Lucille M. Brown Middle School (From L to R) Mrs. Tracy Cady, Suze Prince, Danny Yates, Berry Riche, and Ms. Denise Lewis

We are particularly grateful for the generosity of the LMB student body and to the dedicated RPS administrators, Ms. Denise Lewis (Lucille Brown Principal) and Mrs. Tracy Cady (IB Coordinator). The “Hats for Haiti” fundraiser brought in $600 for our project –  a remarkable sum of money for a school where so many students come from difficult backgrounds. Given the current financial situation, this contribution represents a true sacrifice for which we are so appreciative!

Suze and Berry had a fantastic time at LMB on Friday. Not only did they deliver an inspirational message for the young people in the audience, our Hinche Scholars also demonstrated how much progress they have made in such a short time. Before giving her speech, Suze apologized for any mistakes in her English, telling the students that it is quite difficult to navigate three languages (Creole, French, and English) all at once. What followed was an eloquent and powerful discours which brought tears to the eyes of some teachers and students.

IB Programme Coordinator Mrs. Cadey with Suze and Berry in front of Lucille Brown Middle School

 On another note, this week marked the fourth month that the Hinche Scholars have been in Richmond. In some ways it seems like this time has flown by… wasn’t it just yesterday that Berry, Suze, Frandy and Lude were arriving at the airport? Even though the days have passed quickly, one thing is certain – our four Hinche Scholars are making tremendous progress both in their ESL studies and also in their comprehension of American culture (which we argue presents a much greater challenge than simply learning English). To top it all off, this week the students sucessfully completed their first set of college exams, which means that Christmas break has at long last arrived!

Please check back soon for more photos and Christmas updates. We are always looking for new supporters, both through financial contributions and donations of volunteer service or in-kind materials. As we enter the “Season of Giving,” please consider helping us continue with our mission of higher education for Haitian earthquake victims. Through your generosity we can accomplish this goal. For more information or to donate online, please visit or contact Danny Yates at

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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