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Veterns Day Marks Third Month in Richmond, Hinche Scholars Hard at Work!

November 12, 2011

Each year on Veterans Day we have the opportunity to reflect on the enormous sacrifices made by members of America’s armed forces. This holiday also allows us an opportunity to celebrate the miracle that is the United States. Yesterday as we recognized the men and women who have given selflessly in service of our country, the Hinche Scholars program remembered a second milestone of sorts.

Exactly three months ago, four displaced Haitian students arrived in Richmond, VA. Thanks to your generosity and continued support, these earthquake victims are once again back in school. One of the Hinche Scholars recently told me that of all the qualties which he admires in the U.S., the greatest of these is the hard-work and success of our citizenry. America truly is a “land of opportunity,” both for these exchange students/future Haitian leaders and for millions of others who have benefitted from the  fruits of our democracy.

The Hinche Scholars Project is dedicated to helping  our four displaced Haitian students as they work hard and succeed through higher education. With your aid we can make turn this “dream” into a “reality.” After three months in the United States, Berry, Lude, Suze, and Frandy are doing quite well. Although these four young people are a bit homesick, they are each determined to study hard and make the most of their American experience.

In their first semester  coursework at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, the Hinche Scholars have each received excellent marks from all of their professors. Outside of the classroom, the four students are also making the most of their time in Richmond. Recently they had a chance to share their perspectives on Haiti to a conference for Haiti missionaries.

Last week, while most of their peers were dozing on a crisp fall Saturday morning, our four Hinche Scholars were up early and had the chance to attend a regional Haiti gathering at St. Michael’s Church in Henrico, VA.  A French proverb, popular in Haiti, says “le monde appartient a ceux qui se levent tot,” translated as “the world belongs to the early risers,” or the English equivalent – “the early bird catches the worm.”

From left to right, Berry (student), Danny (Hinche Scholars Project Director), Frandy (student), Suze (student), Clair (St. Michael's Parishoner), and Lude (student)

From left to right, Berry (Hinche Scholar), Danny (Hinche Scholars Project Director), Frandy (Hinche Scholar), Suze (Hinche Scholar), Clair (St. Michael's Parishoner), and Lude (Hinche Scholar)


This quote is very appropriate, as we believe that these four students are destined for greatness  upon returning to Haiti. Please help us as we help the Hinche Scholars. A donation, of any size, will greatly assist our efforts to educate, house, feed, and develop these four future Haitian leaders.

For details on how to contribute, see sidebar at right. In addition, please let us know if you live in the Richmond area and are willing or able to help our students with an “in-kind gift,” such as a physical donation of clothing, food, or school supplies.  We are also in search of volunteers to help with mentoring, grocery store runs, field trips, etc.

Thank you again and please do not hesitate to contact us with comments, questions, or concerns.

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