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After First Month in USA, Hinche Scholars Hard at Work!

September 11, 2011

Today marks one month since the arrival of the Hinche Scholars in Richmond, VA.

The past four weeks have been quite busy for these four young people from Hinche, Haiti. For the first time in nearly two years, they are back in the classroom, but this time in a very different setting – at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College here in Richmond.

Although it is still a bit to early to officially declare the “transition period” to be over, we are glad to announce that Berry, Suze, Lude and Frandy are adjusting well to their new routine, both academically and socially. As you can see from the two photos below, these four displaced Haitian college students don’t look much different from a few weeks ago, yet behind those smiling faces we can assure you that the “wheels are turning full speed.”

Nevertheless, the adjustment to American life and customs has not been without a few bumpy moments. Over the past month, the Hinche Scholars have witnessed an earthquake, a hurricane, and most recently, the 10th anniversary of 9/11. 

All of these experiences, both the overwhelming and the amusing, have proven to be great learning experiences – for these young folks and for our team here at the I Have a Dream Foundation, Richmond. Thanks to your continued support we will be able to press on with our mission of helping to education Haiti’s future leaders. Each day, with your help, we can ensure that these young men and women benefit as much as possible from their opportunity to study in the United States.

Our greatest needs include financial support, volunteer help, and in-kind donations. If you are willing to assist in any of these ways, please contact us by leaving a comment on this website. For more information on how to donate please visit Remember that all contributions are tax deductible, and since our project is 100% volunteer operated, all of our funding goes directly to the source!

In terms of physical donations, we are still looking for bicycles, computers, clothing, food/Wal-Mart gift cards, and anything else you can think of !

Thank you again and check back soon for more updates.

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