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Pere Wilfranc Servil visits W&M, Hinche Scholars Translate for Richmond Architects

April 14, 2011
Although it has been over two weeks since our last post, the Hinche Scholars project is still in motion. Sorry about the delay!
Two bits of news to share –
1) Pere Wilfranc Servil visited Williamsburg this past weekend as part of a twinning relationship between College Monseigneur Decoste and the College of William & Mary. Father Wilfranc, who is the principal of a high school located in Thomonde (not far from Hinche), enjoyed touring the W&M campus during his stay in Williamsburg. As a partner in the Hinche Scholars Project, Pere Wilfranc has offered to help work with the Hinche Scholars as they attempt to continue their university studies in the wake of last year’s tragic earthquake.

Pere Wilfranc Servil, a Haitian priest from Thomonde (in the Diocese of Hinche), visited Williamsburg on April 9-12. Here he is pictured in the Great Hall of the historic Wren Building.

Father Wilfranc believes strongly that Haiti’s best hope for a bright future lies in education and sustainable projects. Below is a picture of students in the Monseigneur Decoste high school, where a sign on the wall describes his mission.

A high school class in Thomonde, Haiti - not far from Hinche. A sign on the back wall epitomizes Father Wilfranc's belief - "Education is the Key to Our Future!"

2) A special thanks to several of our Hinche Scholars who played an invaluable role as interpreters and chauffeurs during a recent visit to Haiti by a group of Richmond architects. Berry Riche and other Hinche Scholars helped with “tremendously” with translation for two employees of the Roof over My Head Corporation, USA (ROMHUSA). This Richmond-based company is working to produce and deliver earthquake-resistant, eco-friendly shelters to Haiti’s Central Plateau. (See design below). For more information visit

Roof Over My Head shelter design -


Thank you again for your continued support of the Hinche Scholars project. We truly appreciate your time, donations and interest in our effort.

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