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Cruise Raffle Winner Announced – Thanks to Everyone Who Bought Tickets

March 18, 2011

Congratulations to Anne Croxton of Richmond – winner of the Hinche Scholars Cruise Raffle! Mrs. Croxton is a kindergarten teacher at Alberta Smith Elementary School in Chesterfield County, VA.

A few weeks ago she heard about the I Have a Dream Foundation’s Haitian Scholarship project while listening to Bill Bevins’ Lite 98 radio show. Excited by the prospect of helping displaced Haitian college students and enticed by the chance to win Oprah Winfrey’s Royal Caribbean Cruise, Ms. Croxton bought four raffle tickets – one of which was pulled out of a hat today “on the air.”

This morning, Bill Bevins was “live” in the studio with Hinche Scholars volunteers Danny Yates, Patrick Sapini and Ken Henshaw.

From left to right- Bill Bevins, Shelly Perkins, Patrick Sapini and Danny Yates in the Lite 98 studios on Friday March 18, 2011.

A special thank you to Bill Bevins and Shelly Perkins at Lite 98 – these two radio personalities have supported our project from the beginning more than one year ago! A very special thank you also to all the folks who purchased tickets. We sold 369 tickets total – more than 150 of which were purchased in the very last week!  100% of the proceeds from this raffle will go directly to the scholarship fund for the students from Hinche!

On behalf of the Hinche Scholars, we truly thank each of our supporters for investing their time, money and energy in our project. With your help we are continuing to work on arrangements so that these displaced Haitian college students can continue their university education.

At this very crucial moment in Haitian current events – with today’s return of former President Jean Bertran Aristide and upcoming elections on Sunday March 20th – we believe that higher education is more essential than ever before. Thanks to your generosity we are trying to make a small difference in the lives of a few of Haiti’s future leaders. Please continue to support us in any way possible and check back regularly for more updates!

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