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Dream Vacation Raffle, Remembering the Earthquake

January 12, 2011

January 12 – a Day of Mourning and Hope for a Better Haiti

Today as the world remembers all those who died in last year’s tragic Haitian earthquake, we at the I Have a Dream Foundation/Hinche Scholars Project thought it best to share the story of one Hinche Scholar, Berry Riche, who surivived the catastrophic natural disaster of January 12, 2010. Click on the photo below and watch a five minute youtube video of Berry as he recalls his near-death experience at the moment of the earthquake. Berry had just left a cybercafe in Port-au-Prince when the earth began to shake. Moments later, that building lay in ruins.

Click here for an interview by Hinche Scholars founder Danny Yates with Haitian university student Berry Riche, who just barely survived last year's tragic earthquake.

 Please help Berry and other Hinche Scholars as they work to pursue their university studies. Please consider donating or even better – purchasing a raffle ticket!!!

Click Here to purchase your raffle ticket for a Dream Vacation!

As you may recall,  the I Have a Dream Foundation of Richmond was recently recognized on the Oprah Winfrey Show in honor of the Hinche Scholars project. One of the gifts given by Ms. Winfrey was an all expense paid Royal Caribbean Cruise. We are raffling off this prize and all proceeds go to the scholarship fund. For only $25, you can purchase a ticket and a chance to win one of two “trips for two.”  The package contains everything – airfare to Miami, a luxurious stateroom onboard the Allure of the Seas (a brand new cruiseliner), and all you can eat meals.

Imagine yourself aboard this cruise! To buy a raffle ticket for only $25, click here to buy your ticket at


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