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Hinche Scholars Weekend at Barber-Scotia College

December 14, 2010

This weekend Danny Yates of the Hinche Scholars Project had a chance to visit Barber-Scotia College in Concord, NC (just a few miles north of Charlotte, NC).

Barber-Scotia’s students, faculty and staff opened their doors and offered a warm welcome to Danny just as they have done for the Hinche Scholars who will hopefully be arriving sometime during the spring semester.

BSC President, Dr. David Olah, hosted an excellent Sunday morning Christmas breakfast during which faculty, alumni, board of visitors members and other supporters of Scotia turned out for a morning of good food, prayer and song. Below are several pictures from that morning.  The second photo shows Professor Ken Simmons (who travelled to Hinche last month for four weeks of instruction), as he speaks to Danny about his time in Haiti and how impressed he was by the students. Please check back soon for videos from the BSC visit as well as a few more details on the project status

Dr. David Olah, President of Barber-Scotia College in Concord, NC.Danny Yates and Professor Ken Simmons.

Danny with BSC students

BSC’s current students shared their experiences with Danny and spoke about how much they are looking forward to the Hinche Scholars’ arrival.

Danny Yates with BSC faculty members Yvette Webster and Kim and Selven McTilman

Mrs. McTilman (in white teeshirt) is Barber-Scotia’s Chaplain, she’s also a BSC alum.

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