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Amidst Election Chaos and Cholera Epidemic, Hinche Scholars Are Studying Hard, Hopeful for a Better Haiti

November 29, 2010

Over the past few weeks, Haiti has reappeared in the international spotlight, thanks to a contested presidential election and an imported cholera epidemic. In Hinche, things are calm for the most part, as the elections went rather smoothly and most cholera cases are being adequately treated at the St. Therese Hospital. Yet, nearly 11 months since the tragic earthquake, Haiti remains a nation of great suffering.

Nevertheless, the Hinche Scholars, like most Haitians, are strong and resilient. In a recent phone conversation, several of the students discussed their number one priority in the coming weeks: namely to study hard and prepare for their pending arrival in the U.S. Each day, the students are practicing their English and working on assignments left with them by the two B-SC professors who recently completed a monthlong mini-semester.

Our project is well underway, although several visa hold-ups are slowing us down a little bit more than we would have hoped. Nonetheless, these students should be inspirations for us all, as they are truly models of patience.

Please continue to help our effort in any way that you can. For donation info, please visit the tab at top. As always, continue to share our message with friends, family, and co-workers. Be sure to add us on facebook if you haven’t already. Just search “Hinche Relief.”

And, a few of our items from Oprah’s favorite things are still available on ebay, but they’re selling fast – visit the link below for more information. Check back in a few weeks for details on how you can purchase a raffle ticket and win Oprah’s 7-day Caribbean Cruise!

Thank you.

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