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Latest Report from “BSC Hinche”

November 7, 2010

Just wanted to share an update from Hinche, where week three of ESL courses have just begun for the Hinche Scholars. Luckily, Hurricane Tomas only skirted the Plateau Central Region with a heavy, steady rain. Other areas of the country were less fortunate (with several storm-related deaths reported in southern Haiti). Yet as Haiti’s daily newspaper Le Nouvelliste proclaimed on Saturday morning, “Nous l’avons échappé belle” (translated: we avoided the worst of it).

Heavy rains caused by Hurricane Tomas led to some flooding in southern Haiti, as pictured here in this photo from Le Nouvelliste ( Hinche was spared the worst of the storm, yet the risk of cholera remains a concern.

In any case, the greatest fear now during the post-storm period is of a medical concern, specifically the threat of cholera. This afternoon Suze Prince, one of the Hinche Scholars, participated in a long-distance phone interview with John Ogle of WCVE (NPR) radio here in Richmond. Suze mentioned the need for education, specifically hygenic training, as a necessity for fighting this menace. Be sure to tune in to national public radio tomorrow (Monday) if you are in the Richmond region. If not, check back later this week for the MP3 file of the recording which we will be posting as soon as we receive it.

This afternoon we also had a chance to check in with our two Barber-Scotia “visiting” professors who are in Hinche for this monthlong mini-semester. Professor Judith Cowan (pictured several posts below) described the past two weeks as “truly envigorating.” She spoke of some preliminary results that are already visible after fourteen days of 8am-5pm instruction, saying that all the students are “quick learners and very enthusiastic.”

We look forward to hosting Professor Cowan and Professor Simmons in Richmond later this month upon their return from Hinche, at which time they will brief us on the progress of the project. Our goal remains to have the students arrive at B-SC as soon as second semester, but this remains contingent on visas.

Thank you again for your continued support. Check back soon for more news.

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  1. Tara Phelps-Jones permalink
    November 15, 2010 7:57 pm

    I am so excited about this opportunity for the Hinche Scholars Program. Information regarding your appearance was forwarded to Barber-Scotia alumni. We will certainly be cheering you on and pray your organization receives maximum exposure. I look forward to meeting my Haitian brothers and sisters.

    Yours in Barber-Scotia,

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