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More Photos from “B-SC Hinche”

November 2, 2010

Hinche Scholars Hard at Work With B-SC Professors

In their makeshift classroom at Sacre Coeur Eglise, the Hinche Scholars are working hard, studying English, history, and other subjects from 8am-5pm each day

Thanks to our good friend Delile Telfort (uncle of Hinche Scholar Jocelyn Phanord), we have some more photos to share with you from Hinche, Haiti. As you may know, two Barber-Scotia professors are currently in Hinche for a month-long intensive ESL program. Professor Kenneth Simmons and Professor Judith Cowan arrived in Hinche last week (October 24) and so far we’ve been hearing that the classes are going “very well,” and that all of the Hinche scholars have “terriffic attitudes and a strong desire to learn.”

Professor Ken Simmons (left in yellow shirt) and Professor Judith Cowan (far right, standing) are in Hinche for 3 more weeks

Please share the photos below with everyone you know who might be interested in our effort. Our goal is to have these students come to the U.S. as early as January 2011 (pending visas). We are still looking for sponsors, “host families,” material good donors (clothing, books, laptops, et.c) as well as political support. For donation information or any questions, please leave us a comment or click the links (right panel). Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you! 

Hinche Scholars: Samuel, Berry, Jocelyn, Frandy, Barbara, Kekette, Judith, and Suze engage in an English conversation class

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