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Haitian Presidential Elections – Campaign well under way

October 4, 2010
Haiti’s presidential election season kicked off just a few days ago, and the election fervor is already sweeping the country – from Jacmel to PAP to Hinche to Cap Haitien!
After speaking with some of our friends in Hinche this morning, I was reminded that Haiti, like the U.S. is in the midst of election season. Haitians go to the polls on November 28th – a few weeks after the American mid-terms.  This election will prove decisive as Haiti is in desperate need of a strong, focused, and capable president who can help kick off a sustainable and sucessful post-earthquake recovery.  Below we’ve featured two popular candidates – out of the field of 19 qualified candidates. We are praying for a peaceful and productive election season with the hope that the best candidate will take the victory and lead Haiti on to a promising future. In line with our project, we are particularly hopeful that one of the important issues on the campaign map this year is that of higher education. Perhaps one day our Hinche Scholars will be partaking in the electoral process as candidates!
For a brief overview of the Haitian elections, be sure to check out this excellent video in the Miami Herald –

Great video from the Miami Herald

Photos below courtesy of Info comes from a variety of sources.
Mirlande Manigat

Mirlande Manigat - Haitian presidential candidate

Mirlande Manigat is a former First Lady of Haiti as well as a longtime university professor (former VP at Universite Quisqueya). She is campaigning on a platform of jobs, education, social programs, etc. Mme Manigat has avowed “no ideologies,” instead pledging action in her platform.

Party : Rassemblement des Démocrates Nationaux Progressistes» (RDNP)   National Progressive Democrats
Currently Mme Manigat is sitting at first place in pre-election polling

Michel Martelly - aka "Sweet Micky"

Michel Martelly - "Sweet Micky," Haitian presidential candidate

Michel Martelly, “Sweet Micky:is a well-known Haitian musician whose music is world-renowned. Mr. Martelly was born in Port-au-Prince and throughout his musical career he has become involved in sociopolitical issues. Martelly has performed with Wyclef Jean on numerous occasions, and his campaign focus “change” and sustainable development. In many ways, Sweet Micky’s campaign strategy mirrors that of Barack Obama.

Party:  Repons peyizan  “People’s Response”
Currently Sweet Micky stands in 3rd place in pre-election polling.

For more information, be sure to visit –

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