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Barber-Scotia College Sending 2 Professors to Hinche

September 26, 2010

Since the visa process for the Hinche Scholars has taken a bit longer than anticipated, B-SC and IHAD have decided to do the next best thing. We are sending 2 B-SC profs to Hinche for a month, during which time they will work with the students and actually offer the possibility of obtaining 12 college credits. The curriculum will include English, History, Government, and Civics. All classes will be taught in English, with professors providing ESL help as needed.

A four-week, intensive university education program with 8am-5pm instruction will begin next month at Sacre-Coeur Parish in Hinche, Haiti. Essentially we’re transplanting Barber-Scotia in Hinche, while we wait for visa applications and other details to be arranged. This opportunity will afford the students with the same credits they would have earned in their first semester on the B-SC campus.  Additionally this is a much less expensive endeavor, allowing us to continue to save up for the second semester arrival of the Hinche Scholars to the U.S.

More details to come – as well as reports from Hinche once classes begin in mid-October. Please keep checking back and sharing our project with anyone you know. Donation info can be found on the righand panel. We encourage you also to join our facebook page if you haven’t already. Just search “Hinche Relief.”

Please also Pray for the five Haitians who lost their lives and the 57 who were wounded this weekend when torrential rainstorms inundated Port-au-Prince, causing flooding and wind damage.

Many of the tent cities, in which earthquake victims and refugees still live – 9 months after the quake – were hit particularly hard. The photos below come from Le Nouvelliste, Haiti’s daily national newspaper.

This weekend's heavy wind and rain knocked down trees and destroyed buildings - some of which had only recently been rebuilt after the earthquake. (Photo courtesy of Le Nouvelliste)

Roads across the country, particularly in Port-au-Prince, suffered from flash floodingStomr debris was scattered across Haiti's capital - in some cases on top of earthquake debris from January

While  emergency scenes and tragedies such as this weekend’s heavy storm may make our project seem far secondary to immediate relief concerns, we must keep in mind that the only hope for sustainable change in Haiti lies in higher education and a new generation of skilled leadership.

Some of the Hinche Scholars aspire to be engineers, doctors, even government leaders. Our goal is that one day these students will be working to create Haitian-inspired, lasting solutions to problems such as decentralization of Port-au-Prince, deforestation and unsustainable agriculture, and medical crises. Only with your help can we make this a reality. Thank you in advance for your support.

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  1. Catherine Toth permalink
    October 5, 2010 5:57 pm

    Hey Danny,
    Don’t know what made me think of this, but have you talked to Oprah’s people for help with this project? This seems like its right up her alley.

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