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Barber-Scotia College on Path to Revitalization

September 19, 2010

Thanks to Dr. David Olah (B-SC President),  Rev. Dr. E.J. Best Jr (Chairman of B-SC Trustees), Mr. Ken Henshaw (IHAD), and the Hinche Scholars Program – Barber-Scotia is back on track for success!

Barber-Scotia College in Concord, NC is an HBCU with a rich history and bright future. In just a few months, the Hinche Scholars will arrive at B-SC to take advantage of the excellent resources and nuturing community of this renowned institution just outside of Charlotte, NC.

Barber-Scotia College's seal

A recent news article described the increasing difficulties which face historically black colleges and universities during this tough economic time. Barber-Scotia was featured as one such school, yet B-SC was also lauded for its hard work and progress given the circumstances.

Against Steep Odds, HBCU Leaders Rebuild Trust in Their Institutions

This story just goes to show that sometimes one good deed can lead to another. Thanks to your generous support, this project will have two great outcomes. Not only will half a dozen Haitian students have a chance to obtain higher education and return to help their struggling nation  – at the same time, your contributions directly help to revitalize an important and necessary HBCU!

Please continue to give whatever you can. Check out our right sidebar for donation information or follow this link below to the IHAD webpage where you can donate instantly and safely via paypal.

Keep praying and check back regularly. Later this week we’ll be posting updates from Hinche and we will continue to feature each of the Hinche Scholars individually, with biographies, videos, and more. As always, be sure to share our website with anyone who can help.

Father Bourdeau with Frandy Prince (one of the scholarship students) crusing in the back of Bourdeau's pickup truck during our August 2010 IHAD trip to Haiti

And, last but not least – mark your calendars for the weekend of October 16, 2010 – when Father Jean Navarre Bourdeau will be in Richmond, VA. More details to come in regard to the Hinche Scholars cookout we’re planning.

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