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Nine Months Since Haiti’s Tragic Earthquake… Reconstruction Progress is Slow, Please Continue to Support the Hinche Scholars Project

September 13, 2010

Today marks the 9th month since January 12, 2010 – when the catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, killing nearly 300,000 people in just 35 seconds.


An article in today’s online edition of the Haitian Press Network ( announced that only 2% of the rubble in Port au Prince and Leogane has been removed – an indicator that the complex recovery process is still moving slowly.

Additionally, elections are only a few weeks out on the horizon, but many Haitians are resigned to the mentality that the task of reconstruction is something too complicated for even the most skilled of presidents.

Nonetheless, small doses of hope are slowly trickling in – from projects such as the Hinche Scholars effort and numerous other sustainability focused educational projects.

The pictures below depict the scene this summer at a ‘camp’ which was held in Carissade, Haiti (just outside of Hinche). Several of the selected Hinche Scholars helped with some of the logistical aspects of the program which benefited youth in the region.

Carissade Campers

We also want to remind everyone that Father Bourdeau (pictured below), will be in Richmond on October 16, and we are planning a Saturday lunchtime cookout/welcome celebration for our #1 partner in this project. Check back for more details.

Father Bourdeau surveys the camp counselors and students at the Carissade summer camp

Please keep praying and donating – we’re slowly progressing on the visa front, with the hope that the Hinche Scholars will be able to arrive at Barber-Scotia in a few months time such that a mini-semester could be arranged for the remainder of the fall term.

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