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Hinche Scholars Project – We Desperately Need YOUR Help

June 23, 2010

 Hinche Scholars project leader Danny Yates will be out of the country from today (6/23) until July 24. During this month absence, we still encourage you to contact Hinche Scholars by leaving a comment on this page, by e-mailing us at or by calling at 757-645-1975.

We will still try to post weekly updates on our site with news from Hinche, Haiti as well as reports on the progress of our efforts, just please understand the delay.

Our needs are still great – but we are so close. Please consider making a donation today. You can simply click HERE for PayPal, or you can always send us a check in the mail – address on right sidebar.

$100 will feed, educate, house and clothe a Haitian college student for a full week. With your help we can bring the six Hinche Scholars to Barber-Scotia College starting this fall!

In other news, let’s try and keep Father Jean Navarre Bourdeau in our prayers. Father Bourdeau just lost his aunt and had to rush to New York for her funeral mass. This has been a rough year for Bourdeau and many other Haitians. Yet, folks like Father Bourdeau refuse to be discouraged and are working hard on behalf of those in need – such as the six Hinche Scholars pictured here with Bourdeau in the center.

Thank you again and God Bless. Be sure to keep spreading the word, donating, and praying.

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