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Interested in Visiting Haiti? Join Us.

May 26, 2010

Join us this August on a trip to Hinche!

Meet the Hinche Scholars! Visit Haiti’s Central Plateau as well as Port-au-Prince. Learn more about our project by travelling with us.

Do you know any community leader, politican, donor, or someone who would be interested in joining us?

We are tentatively planning a four or five day trip. One possibility might be August 3-7. That would mean leaving Richmond on Tues. August 3rd and arriving via Miami to Port-au-Prince that same afternoon. We’d have Father Bourdeau meet us at the airport and take us up to Hinche that same evening. Then we’d spend Wed and Thursday in Hinche, meeting with the students, visiting with local officials, etc. Other visits could include trips to a primary school, an orphanage, and a hospital. Probably on Friday afternoon we’d head back down to Port au Prince and stay with some friends there. This would give us a chance to spend Saturday morning meeting with governmental and university officials in the capital before flying out.

Father Bourdeau's Rectory in Hinche - we'd stay here during our visit.

The only expense for the whole trip is airfare. Father Bourdeau and the students will provide our food, lodging, and transportation upon arrival. We’re probably looking at between $500-$700 for tickets per person. American Airlines is the only provider.

For more information, please contact Danny Yates at 757-645-1975 or

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