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Politics Heating up in Haiti, 3 Months After the Quake

April 14, 2010

Yesterday, U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama made a three hour visit to Haiti along with Jill Biden, and several planes full of international media. Yet, Mrs. Obama’s visit was not the headline of Haitian newspapers this morning. Rather, the big news was of another political nature.

Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, and President Preval. Photo courtesy of le Nouvelliste

President Preval called for a vote by the Haitian legislature to renew the state of emergency he declared in January, shortly after the quake. Under this decree, Preval can excercise virtually unchecked authority over reconstruction efforts. Some Haitian senators protested the vote, deciding instead to join demonstrators in the street. Because of this boycott, Preval did not receive the necessary majority to extend his “state of crisis.” The implications of this decision are still unknown, but one thing is clear – as shown by the massive protests each day in PAP, political discontent is rising. President Preval was supposed to be up for re-election in February 2010. Those elections have been scrapped, postponed to the next year. In essence, some Haitians see their president as acting without legitimate authority.

Let’s hope and pray that the political situation in Haiti can cool off a bit. What this episode reinforces is the dire need for well-trained, responsable, honest Haitian leaders. Through our project we hope to help six displaced university students to become those very leaders which Haiti so desperately needs.

Help us educate six displaced Haitian university students - the next generation of leaders of Haiti, in whose hands rest the future of these children

We are making progress each day, working slowly but surely to our goal of bringing six dispalced university students to Barber-Scotia College in Concord, NC so that they can continue their studies and upon return to Haiti – fill that leadership void. Only through your continued support – financially, through publicity, and in a plethora of other ways, can we acheive our goal. As always, we encourage you to check back regularly, share this website and our Facebook page “Hinche Relief” with your friends, and consider making a donation to our fund (donor info at right sidebar).

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