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Three Months since Tragic Earthquake, Haiti Still Struggling

April 12, 2010

Today marks the third month since January 12, 2010 – a day on which Haitian history was irrevocably changed when a 7.0 earthquake destroyed Port-au-Prince and set back this impoverished Carribean nation by several decades. Unfortunately, the majority of international media agencies have since forgotten Haiti, as evidenced by the lack of coverage today on any of the big U.S. newspapers or cable networks.

Nevertheless, the needs remain immense, perhaps even greater than immediately after the quake – because now the world’s attention has shifted elsewhere. One bright spot – tomorrow Michelle Obama will be visiting Haiti for a few hours (perhaps that will bring the cameras back, if only for a few hours).

Bulldozers recently began the task of demolishing the ruins of Haiti's Palais National, photo courtesy HPN

As you know, our effort is focused on helping the residents of Hinche, a small city 50 miles north of PAP. While Hinche was not structurally damaged on January 12, the aftermath of the quake in terms of refugees, scarce resources, and dysfunctional govermental response has placed quite a toll on this Central Plateau town (one time with a population of 50,000, now more than triple that amount)! In the immediate aftermath of the quake, we were sucessful in sending more than $30,000 to help buy food, provide shelter, medical help, and restore some stability in Hinche through the efforts of Father Jean Navarre Bourdeau.

Now, three months after the quake, we are focused on a more sustainable, long-term project – an initiative focused on the belief that education is key to any sucessful development.

Please join with us as we attempt to bring six displaced Haitian university students to the U.S. by August 2010, so they can continue their studies and obtain the necessary skills so that upon their return to Haiti, they can assume leadership positions and play a central role in their nation’s rebuilding.

Children in Hinche, who have benefited already from your contributions

Read below for more information on how you can help. Check out our links, in particular our column from two weeks ago in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Please share this website with your friends, join us on facebook, and spread the word. We welcome and encourage your prayers, contributions, and support. For more information contact Danny Yates at 757-645-1975 or at For donation info, see panel at right. Thanks and God Bless.

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