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Holy Week in Hinche

April 2, 2010

I’ve heard from several friends from Hinche this week, via phone, e-mail and text message. Sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. Delile’s wife was released from the hospital, but she is still in great pain and sadness with the loss of her baby after 8 months of pregnancy. Please keep Dorothe in your prayers. Also, our friend Isaac Westphalie, who is the nurse at Carissade school, had an unfortunate accident the other day when her motorbike lost control and she injured her shoulder and knee on the rocky road to Maissade. She plans to return to school as soon as she can, so let’s keep her in our prayers as well.

Mis Westphalie - the beloved nurse at Carissade School, who suffered minor injuries this week in an auto crash. Please pray for her.

As for our university student project, we are still looking for donors to help defray room and board costs, as well as people interested in donating material goods – clothing, school supplies, bicycles, frequent flyer miles, etc. Please contact Danny at 757-645-1975 if you are interested in helping.

Jocelyn Phanord - nephew of Delile Telfort - he is another one of the students we are trying to send to B-SC, with your help

In other news, on an international scale – the UN conference on Haiti occurred this week in New York. Lots of dicussion in regard to re-building efforts and strategies. Between 5 and 10 billion dollars have been promised to help reconstruct the country over the next decade, depending on progress of efforts.

In this photo, courtesy of Hatian Press Network -, international leaders gather to discuss the best next steps for Haiti (from left they are: Hillary Clinton, Ban Ki Moon, Rene Preval, and Bill Clinton)

Happy Easter to everyone and be sure to check back early next week for more news from Hinche.

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