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Lude Labieville, “Kekette”

March 31, 2010

Yesterday I exchanged e-mails with one of the candidate students for our college project, Lude Henriette Labieville. She is the goddaugther of Pere Bourdeau’s good friend Dr. Jean Claude Alcazar. Lude, who goes by the nickname “Kekette,” is now living in Cap-Haitien after her university was destroyed on January 12. She told me that she wasn’t at school that day, because she had just returned from Christmas break and was in the street when the quake hit. Many of her classmates perished when her 5 story school builidng – the Universite Autonome de Port-au-Prince collapsed into a heap of dusty rubble.

This is a picture of our friend Lude Labieville. She tells me this photo was taken in Port au Prince just a few weeks before the tragic January 12 earthquake. The bench she is sitting on is located right outside of her former university, now just a pile of debris.

For three days, Kekette could not find her family and she slept in the street, without food or water for that time. At one point, she told me that she had to climb over and through piles of bodies in order to cross the Champs de Mars in hopes of meeting up with her father and uncle. Although she is originally from Hinche, Kette is now living in Cap Haitien, Haiti’s second largest city, located all the way in the north. She works each day in her godfather’s clinic, serving the role of a nurse’s assistant. In her free time she is studying English and preparing for next year’s classes.

With your help we can make it possible for Kekette’s dream to be realized. In her own words, she hopes to come to the U.S. in order to “continue with my studies to fullfill my knowledge at the service off Haitian people.” Please keep forwarding and sharing this website with your friends and family. Link it to your facebook, share it with your co-workers. Please also keep these students and their families in your prayers during this difficult time.

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