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Monday morning update from Hinche

March 29, 2010

Just wanted to let you all know that times are tough but life is still plugging along in Hinche, according to Pere Bourdeau, Delile Telfort, and other Haitian friends I spoke with over the weekend. Everyone is preparing for Holy Week and Father Bourdeau estimates this Sunday’s Easter Mass to be one of the largest in Sacre Coeur history, given the large number of refugees now living in Hinche and attending mass at the parish.

On Friday, I received a call from Monsignor Simon Saint Hillien, Bishop of Hinche, who told me of his safe return to Hinche. He wanted me to express his sincere thanks to everyone in the Diocese of Richmond for welcoming him during his visit last weekend.

Suze and Frandy Price - two of the six displaced university students we are working to bring to B-SC

Additionally, I came across two interesting news articles which relate to our efforts in the Central Plateau. First – it appears that Dartmouth has accepted 2 displaced Haitian university students on a temporary status. One of the students is from Hinche and attended the same university as our friend Suze Prince (pictured above). Click here for the link about Dartmouth’s efforts. As you know, we are trying to replicate their efforts on a bit larger and slightly different scale with Barber Scotia College in Concord, NC. After Easter we will really be kicking off the fundraising phase of this project, now that we have found the perfect fit at an institution which is extremely willing to accept our friends. Our goal, once again, isto raise $30,000 and have the students here by August 1st. If you are interested in contributing please make a check out to St. Bridget’s Haiti Committee with the subject line UNIVERSITY STUDENT PROJECT. It is essential that you mark this in the memo, or else we can’t guarantee the proper allocation of your donation.

Picture of the destroyed university where Suze was taking classes right before the quake - many teachers and students died in this building, but Suze's class had just happened to end a few hours before on January 12

I saw the other bit of news in a recent article on one of the Haitian daily newspaper’s website – If you read French check out the link below.
Hinche in the News
If not, I’ll summarize briefly. Some Haitian officials are contemplating the relocation of an economic/finance capital from the runins of Port-au-Prince to the city of Hinche. They hope to do this, because geological experts have determined that Hinche is a relatively safe zone in regard to earthquakes. We’ll be watching this story closely.

More updates to come later this week from Pere Bourdeau, our college students, and other friends from Hinche. For now though, please keep forwarding this website, donating, and spreading the word.

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