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Awesome Video from Mark Coughlin

March 26, 2010

Hello everyone. This is been a very hectic week – but we’re making great progress on the student project. Heard from Father Bourdeau several times – he’s doing quite well, preparing for Holy Week as well as a trip to see his family in New Work in April. Other friends in Hinche send their regards – times are still quite tough, particularly now that the rains are commencing and more and more displaced folks are coming from PAP. Father Bourdeau says food for the soup kitchen is is priority, seconded closely by our project for the college students. The next three months will be focused on raising $30K. It sounds like a lot of money, and it is, but if we think small – say we ask 120 people to give us $250- we’d have all we need!

These residents of Carissade are just a one of the scenes from Mark's video


Before we sign off for the weekend, take a look at this amazing video (click above) by Mark Coughlin, our friend from St. Monica’s Parish in Atlanta, GA.

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