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College Student Project Moving Along Well

March 25, 2010

I just received the final documents from some of my Haitian friends who are candidates for acceptance at B-SC. Hopefully by the end of April we’ll have a formal letter of acceptance for these students and can begin the visa and fundraising process. If you are interested in helping, please don’t hesitate to call me at 757-645-1975, or leave a comment below. We need to raise $30K, and with your help I’m confident we can.

Suze Prince, in this picture taken just the other day in Hinche

Just to give you an idea of the strong character of these students, I’ve posted below an excerpt from an application essay written my good friend Suze Prince (pictued above)

The saddest day of my life was 12, of January 2010 at 4h 53 PM a date that I will never forget while I was on my way home coming from school a terrible earthquake happened where thousands of people died and every university had crashed down between them the university quiskeya where I went to school .this situation made that the 13 of January I went back to Hinche to join my mom ,Hinche a town in which there isn’t any universities .since the earthquake I’ m at home just sitting not doing anything stress and afraid that’s all the feeling that I have inside of me ,that’s why I would like the chance to study in the united states of America ,because in this moment Haitian is without hope ,every university crashed down and I think that education is the force of all nation .if I got this chance to study in a country like the united states which have a much better education the second day of my life where I would be the happiness is the day when I will return back to Haiti (my country) to help other people with what I learned.

As you can see, we will need to work on the ESL a bit, but these students are so willing to learn, I think we will surely be sucessful…

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