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March 23, 2010

Once again, thanks to everyone who has responded in regard to Sunday’s RTD commentary article. If you’re still interested in helping with the college student project, please read the post directly below this one, to find out how you can help. Thank you!

Tonight the St. Bridget-Cathedral Haiti Committee held its monthly joint meeting. We are proud of our post quake efforts and hope, through your help to be able to continue with similar relief projects. If you’d like to join this committee, or the newly-forming Haitian-US College Student Project, please leave me a comment.

Finally, today marked the last day of the Bishop of Hinche’s sucessful visit to Richmond. Monsignor Simon Pierre Saint-Hillien, as well as Pere Guy and Pere Wessner (pictured below along the Richmond skyline), enjoyed their visit and will be heading home on a 7 am flight tomorrow. Please pray for their safe return and continued good work in Haiti.

Also in national Haitian news, a small earthquake shook Cap Haitien, yesterday – killing 3 people and injuring several homes. Our good friend Dr. Jean Claude (for whom we’re trying to find airfare) is safe, but he did tell me he felt the shaking quite visibly.

As always, keep forwarding this website to your friends, keep praying, and if you haven’t yet, please donate. Be sure when you donate to mark specifically what project you’d like to support- whether the Haiti-US College Student project, the Hinche Relief Emergency Fund, or the general Carissade School Budget. Thanks again and check back Friday for the next post.

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