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Great News on University Student Project!

March 21, 2010

We have finally found an institution willing to accept our Haitian friends!

Historic Barber Scotia in Concord, NC (Near Charlotte)

Barber-Scotia College in Concord, NC (near Charlotte) has agreed to accept six displaced students from Hinche who were in university at PAP during the quake. The cost is estimated at $120,000, $90,000 of which would be paid for by the college, leaving only $30,000 for us to raise (or $5,000 per student). That includes room, board, and tuition. Other items which we are seeking include clothing, school supplies, laptops, bicycles, cell phones, etc – the things we take for granted, but which these students definitely won’t bring with them. Additionally, we’re trying to find folks to donate frequent flier miles so we can fly the students over here by August 1st.

Barber Scotia Landmark

Some complications still remain – visa concerns, and naturally the fundraising, however we’re optimistic we can pull it off. Please forward this message to any friends/family or folks you think would be interested in helping out. Any contribution of any size is greatly appreciated. Checks should be made out to St. Bridget's Haiti committee (info on sidebar). BUT, be sure to mark UNIVERSITY PROJECT in the subject line, or else your money may not be allocated accordingly. If you would like to join our steering committee, do not hesitate to e-mail or call (contact info on “About” page. We are in great need of volunteers, mentors, and hosts.

News from yesterday’s Diocesan Haiti Gathering in Charlottesville
Saturday’s conference was a great sucess! Hundreds of parishoners from around the diocese attended and represented numerous twinned parishes and committees. We were honored by the visit of Monsignor Simon Saint Hillien – Bishop of Hinche. He shared some key insight on the tragic situation and how we best can help. Stressing three main areas – agriculture programs, university education, and sustainable economic ventures such as microlending, Monsignor Saint-Hillien (who barely escaped PAP with his life on January 12), closed with the age-old quote “do not give us a fish, please teach us how to fish.”

Bishop of Hinche Simon Saint Hillien (left) and Pere Guy (right) deliver a speech before a captivated audience at Saturday's Diocesean Haiti Gathering

Some Sad News As Well
After returning from the conference this afternoon, I opened my inbox to this very saddening message from our good friend Delile Telfort.
“Dear All, it’s sad to inform you all that my baby was born this morning then passed away 2 hours after. The Doctor told me it was a premature baby since the real date was April 16th. As you know when that happen in Haiti, there is no place to keep the children until is lung is getting strong enough to respire. Thank you to all you friends who were looking forward to see him/ he was a boy instead. My wife is terribly touched from this situation since she needed to be cut to take the baby out. Keep her in prayer for her recovery. Delile Telfort”
When we were in Haiti in January, we had a chance to meet Delile and his dear wife Dorothee. She is a beautiful and kind person, who was already struck with an emotional blow when her brother was killed in the earthquake. Please keep in your prayers our good friends Delile, Dorothe, his one-year-old son Bradley, and his deceased baby. (Pictured below)

Delile Telfort (green shirt) and family in this January picture - Delile's wife Dorothe (left) is currently at the hospital in Hinche. Delile's one-year-old son Bradley is in good health.

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