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Urgent Request

March 19, 2010

Sorry for the delay in posting – this week has been quite hectic.

Let me begin with our “urgent request.” A good Haitian friend whom I have mentioned in past posts – Dr. Jean Claude Alcazar, has been invited to a prestigious conference early next month in Boston, Mass. This multi-day conference, hosted by the University of Mass. at Boston will draw international experts to discuss how best to rebuild Haiti in the post-quake era. Dr. Jean Claude is an extremely learned Haitian who holds both a medical degree which he earned in Mexico and a law degree obtained in France. Dr. JC speaks English, French, Kreyol, and Spanish fluently. He will serve a vital role at this conference – IF he is able to get to Boston.

Unfortunately the conference organizers have not budgeted travel expenses. Dr. JC would stay the month of April with friends in Boston who will feed and house him, however he is currently unable to secure funds to purchase the roundtrip plane ticket. The cost of this ticket is only $450. If anyone would be able to make a contribution to this special request, please contact me directly – 757-645-1975. If you or anyone you know has extra frequent flyer miles which they could donate, please contact me. Dr. JC is so looking forward to this trip – one part of his agenda during the visit involves helping us with the university student project, so his presence will be most useful.
Please forward this request to your friends and family. We truly appreciate any help you can provide. Or, if you know someone in the airline business, please contact them. We only have a few weeks, so anything you can do to help will be great!

Dr. Jean Claude (right) with the Bishop of Hinche, Monsignor Simon Saint-Hillien (center) and Terry Bullard of Richmond (Left)

I also wanted to give a brief update from Hinche. I’ve spoken at length with Pere Bourdeau, Pere Etienne, Pere Withny, Pere Romel, Delile Telfort, and many other friends over these past few days. We are getting very close to “sealing the deal” with our university student project – more on that next week. Just please keep this initiative and these good people in your prayers.

Also, please pray for the Bishop of Hinche who is travelling, as we speak, to Richmond for a weekend visit between our twinned dioceses. He (pictured above with Dr. JC), will be visiting Cathedral of the Sacred Heart for an 11 am mass this Sunday. If you’re in town, please swing by.

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