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Lots of News from Hinche

March 16, 2010

I just finished several long phone conversations with different folks in Haiti – catching up on all the news in Hinche. So many things are going on that I’ll cut right to it and simply list them below.

– Father Bourdeau is still feeling pretty sick. He is down with the seasonal flu, but is on medicine and believes he will start feeling better pretty shortly. Please keep him in your prayers.

– The parishoners at Sacre Coeur are very excited because in one month, around the 17th of April, 26 doctors and nurses from St. Monica’s in Atlanta will be arriving in Hinche. They will work out of the Whitney Clinic and set up a makeshift hospital in the parish hall and will be treating patients for a whole week. More info about the Atlanta visit can be found on the link at their link on our right sidebar.

In this picture, a very young Port-au-Prince quake survivor peeks out from his new home: a donated tent from St. Monica's in Atlanta

– Additionally, St. Monica’s parishoner Mark Coughlin recently returned to Atlanta after an extremely sucessful visit to Haiti in which he delivered hundreds of donated tents (one of which is pictured above). Mark’s web updates are featured in previous posts, but he has come up with a great video which can be found at this link. Please take the time to watch it and forward it to your friends. Click here for: Mark’s Tent Video

– This weekend, the Bishop of Hinche, Monsignor Simon Saint-Hillien will be visiting the Diocese of Richmond. Two events of interest to our committee include Saturday’s Diocesean Haiti gathering/conference in Charlottesville. (There may still be space, so if you’re interested, leave me a message). Additionally, the bishop will be con-celebrating 11am Sunday mass at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Richmond. Please try to come by, as we will have a meet-and-greet session with light refreshments after the mass.

– Our twinned school and chapel in Carissade is doing quite well. Although the cost of living has risen and finding food each day is a struggle – even in areas untouched by the quake, the students and teachers are still attending school and working hard.

Carissade students depend on the daily lunch provided with your help

With the generous support of All Saints Catholic School, we are now able to send a special check to increase the portion/quality of lunches for the children.

Students at Carissade school wait in line for lunch in this photo

– The university student project is chugging right along. We’ve made some great progress, but still have some details to iron out before we go public with the full plans. Potentially in the next week or so we will be able to announce this, so stay tuned and keep checking back. If you are able or would like to be one of the first people to donate to this project, please send a check to St. Bridget’s Haiti Committee, but be sure to mark the donation as UNIVERSITY STUDENT FUND in your subject line so it will be allocated properly.

Suze Prince, one of the students whom we're trying to bring to university here in the U.S.

I’ve spoken recently with other folks in Hinche – Father Etienne, Father Whitny, Father Romel, Boudou, and Delile Telfort are all doing well. Please keep them in your prayers, and please keep forwarding this website and these bits of news to your friends and family.

Thanks again, and check back soon. Don’t hesitate to e-mail or leave a comment if you have any questions, ideas, or complaints.

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