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Thank you All Saint’s School

March 9, 2010

I write to you with very happy news. This morning I spoke to the student body at All Saint’s Catholic School on Northside. Several weeks ago I was invited to share some pictures and experiences with the fourth through eighth graders. Today I spoke for nearly an hour and then answered questions for another half hour. The students were extremely attentive, inquisitive, and thankful. I have never seen a more well-behaved and engaged elementary/middle school audience.

To top it all off, the students proudly presented me with at $913 check at the conclusion of my speech. They raised this money through their “Helping Hands for Haiti,” fundraiser which involved posters and decorations in the hallways and pledges from families and friends. Most of St. Paul’s students come from inner city, financially challenged backgrounds, making their generosity even more impressive. They raised this money specifically for the Carissade school students and they hope it can be used in the best way possible.

As soon as I left All Saints, I was so overwhelmed with their generosity that I called Father Bourdeau on his cell phone to share the good news. When I explained the significance of this contribution, from these particular students – he was overjoyed as well. He says he will use the funds for Carissade to help increase school lunch quality or perhaps fund a project which has been designated by the principal, Beltre St. Ange.


For more info about All Saint’s school, visit their link here.

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