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Mudslides in Southern Haitian Peninsula, Post-Quake Psychological Toll Being Felt by Some

March 4, 2010

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse. As if the earthquake, the aftershocks, and the ensuing crisis in PAP wasn’t enough. Now, heavy rains and mudlsides in the south of Haiti have claimed the lives of several dozen in that region. Additionally 3,000 have been evacuated from various towns and farming communties. This only compounds last week’s torrential rains in Cap-Haitien which has promted more refugees to seek the safety of Hinche and the Central Plateau. According to Father Bourdeau, trucks full of displaced persons arrive each day. Please keep praying, donating, and forwarding or linking this website. Through your generosity we have already accomplished some emergency relief measures and we will continue in the months and years to come.

If you will be in Richmond on the weekend of March 20-21st, mark your calendars for the visit of the Bishop of Hinche, Monsignor Simon Saint-Hillien. He will attend a Diocesean-wide conference on Saturday in Charlottesville and he may also say mass at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart on Sunday morning.

Finally, I ran across a very interesting news article in the Haitian press today. It describes a couselling effort which has been organized to help quake survivors address some of the mounting psychological needs. If you read French, check out the link here: COVOR link. If not, the basic summary is this – a Haitian run organisation call COVOR has trained . Their slogan – “Depi mental nou bon, pay n ka bon,” translates roughly into the prevailing idea that the first step in rebuilding efforts for Haiti lies in tending to the mental trauma of the quake. Essentially, this group has organized hundreds of teenages from throughout the country who spent three weeks in training and are now working as counsellers who visit the tent cities and provide whatever assistance they can. This is a pretty inspirational project. See picture below.

COVOR volunteers in blue shirts provide pyschological help to quake vicitms - courtesy of HPN.

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