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E-mail from Pere Bourdeau

February 25, 2010

Just got this e-mail from Father Bourdeau. He told me he spent several hours working on it using a French-English dictionary. What a great priest!

He takes such good care of his parishoners and he is truly doing the work of the Lord for the people of Hinche. With your continued support, prayers, and donations we can help his mission. Please keep forwarding this website to your friends. Keep Father Bourdeau in your thoughts and if you have a question for him, just leave me a comment I’ll try to get it answered.

Hello All, I hope that all of you are doing very good. From this email, I would like to thank all of you for your helps and generosity towards the stricken people from the shake in Haiti, that’s a great once. In Hinche all are running smoothly, schools etc… especially in Carissade. The first part of money received has been shared to all suffering people at St-Therese hospital, and provide plenty of foods in the soup-kitchen. God will poor so many blessings upon you all for this wonderful action. Finally I received the second part via Fonkoze, 15000 USD, I start helping so many people in need such as mothers and fathers who their houses have been destroyed in PAP. They are now in Hinche, that’s a really sad situation. As you may see in those pictures, I will share them this time rice, beans and oil. Thank you for your helps and generosity. As Jesus said when you are helping your little bothers you do that for God. I think that was a way to show them how much we love them, in their suffering situation. I also provide much food in the soup-kitchen as well since so many people are coming for food. Finally May God bless you all then our lady of perpetual help cover you all under her special coat. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Yours in Christ, Fr Bourdeau.

Take a look at the picture below – Father Bourdeau (in the plaid) and Sacre Coeur caretaker Augustin load sacks of rice in a store room.

Father Bourdeau and Augustin stockpile rice bought with your donation money

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