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News from the Atlanta Medical Team in Hinche

February 24, 2010

Below is an e-mail I just received from St. Monica’s medical team which is working out of Hinche right now.

After our 14 hr travel to Hinche, complicated by a 3 hr detour due to a “demonstration” in rural, Western DR ,we had a very productive day. Jude & Dr Dagerus had the clinic buzzing with 58 Pts by lunch including several echos & U/S (even some OB U/A by a cardiologist – thank U Mark Nicol). Rosalie & Misty did triage, Kicker, Dr Dagerus & I did clinic & Peter helped in the pharmacy. In the afternoon, there was a clinic for malnourished kids that Misty & Rosalie help with & distributed candy (with toothpaste), coloring books, Mardi Gras trinkets & stuffed animals. They were a big hit. Tomorrow early AM we will help Dr Dagerus & the hospital Doctors for an hour or 2 & get back to those at the Whitney Clinic. All is well Fr Bourdeau sends his thanks.
Jeff, Rosalie, Misty, Kicker & Peter

In other news, I spoke with Father Bourdeau yesterday and he is doing well. He has picked up the second emergency check which we sent last week. He will be using this to help feed quake victims at the St. Therese Hospital as well as to defray other costs he is incurring through his relief efforts.

Father Bourdeau gives money to injured people in Hinche

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