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News from Pere Etienne

February 20, 2010

I spoke earlier today with the vicar (assistant priest) at Sacre Coeur, Father Etienne Aristild. Pere Etienne is a 32 year old priest who was ordained 3 years ago. He is perpetually energetic and works nonstop from 5 am until 10:30 pm or so each day. He is not only a priest but also a law school student, assistant to Brother Piet – who operates a mechanical/woodworking/car repair workshop or “atelier,” and the head of a household of 20 plus family members. Since both his parents are deceased, Pere Etienne is responsible for his many siblings, aunts, grandparents, and other relatives. Ever since the quake, many of these people who were working or studying in PAP have returned to Hinche and are now living in the very crowded family home. Pere Etienne’s aunt was badly injured during the quake – she was one of the 25 or so people we brought out of PAP on January 15. But, through the grace of God and some good medical attention at St. Therese Hospital, she was saved.

Pere Etienne - always smiling, regardless of the hardship

Pere Etienne (pictured above) and his family are just one example of the hardship faced by the entire population in Hinche. With your contributions we can help alleviate some of this suffering. Please keep donating, praying, and forwarding this website. Also, if you have any questions you’d like to ask Pere Bourdeau, Pere Etienne, or anyone else in Hinche please post them as comments and we’ll try to get you an answer.

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