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All the latest from Hinche

February 19, 2010

I spoke with my friend Delile Telfort yesterday. He was laid up at home with the flu, supposedly something is going around – Father Bourdeau sounded a bit sick on the phone as well. Delile described Hinche as pretty quiet but tense. Everyone seems to be “waiting,” when I asked for “what,” he said he wasn’t sure.

Another e-mail from Suze Prince, a college-age member of Sacre Coeur paroisse was pretty telling. She told me that since college classes are cancelled she has nothing to do but to sit and wait for the next day to arrive. Quite a comparison to the recent joy of schoolchildren here who cheered when school was cancelled during snow days – in Haiti education is a scarce yet treasured and highly-sought resource.

I’m once again issuing a call to anyone who has any contacts in higher education. We’re looking for a temporary educational home for two or three displaced Haitian university students who are originally from Hinche but whose universities in PAP were levelled in the Jan 12. earthquake. The goal is to bring these kids over here for a few years, let them learn English and absorb our culture. Then they will return home and serve as leaders in the recovery efforts.

Additionally, please take a look at the “Dr. Sam’s journal” tab. Now that he’s back home in New Mexico, Dr. Slishman has submitted his final journal entries. When read together, these reflections from his 3 week trip really give a true sense of the situation (medical and otherwise) in Hinche as well as for Haiti as a whole. His remark about the positive influence of cell phone infrastructure by Digicel provides an interesting perspective on how to rebuild Haiti.

As I was going through some trip pictures the other day, I came across this one above which gives a good snapshop of life in Hinche – oxcart next to “airport runway.” Another one below comes from an ordination we attended in Maissade. Since the quake, there have been numerous ordinations of deacons and priests. Just a sign that life in Hinche is trying to resume its normal pace, amidst the difficult circumstances. Note the Bishop of Hinche, Eveche Simon Saint-Hillien at center. He will be coming to Richmond on March 20th – more info on his visit to come.

Bishop of Hinche (at center with miter) presides over a January 2010 ordination

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