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Hinche finally getting some media attention

February 17, 2010

Check out this link (click the red text below) which leads to a Boston newspaper article which describes the food, water, and medical crisis for refugees in regions of Haiti (specifically Hinche, Papaye, and the Central Plateau) where relief has not yet arrived. This story specifically mentions the difficult situation at the St. Therese Hospital in Hinche and it contains pictures as well.

Also heard on the Hinche radio last night that hundreds of people are now living in a refugee camp in Pandiassou. The picture below comes from an Associated French Presse story about this camp. Pandiassou is just a few miles outside of Hinche and the camp is being supervised by Frere Armand and the Diocese of Hinche.

Woman sits outside at tent city in Pandiassou, near Hinche - photo courtesy of AFP

In other news, I spoke with Father Bourdeau last night and he is doing well, but feeling very tired. He will be travelling to Port au Prince tomorrow to rescue a fellow priest – the former rector of the grand-seminary who has been living in tents and ministering to the sick and dying ever since the quake. Pere Bourdeau will also be picking up another load of medical supplies thanks to St. Monica’s in Atlanta.

Some national Haiti news – today French President Nicholas Sarcozy visited Haiti – he is the first French President ever to visit the island nation in all its history. A bit ironic, considering the colonial past… Additionally, a mudslide in Cap-Haitien killed 4 children and injured 8 when a school collapsed. Cap Haitien which was not damaged during the quake, has been drenched with heavy rainstorms and mudslides are a growing problem.

Finally, one other project is in the works. We’re trying to bring two or three displaced PAP university students – who are originally from Hinche – and make arrangements for them to study here in the U.S. If you know or know anyone who might have any university connections or would be willing to help with fundraising and sponsorship efforts, please contact me at 757-645-1975 or at

Poor people in Hinche come daily to Sacre Coeur Parish for a free meal at Father Bourdeau's soup kitchen, sponsored by St. Monica's and supplemented by our committee due to the recent influx of many hungry refugees

Today is Ash Wednesdsay and I received a text from Pere Bourdeau reminding me to pray for everyone in Hinche at mass today. A common phrase which is being broadcast this week throughout the Haitian press is that it will take many years, a lot of money, and a well coordianted effort, but Haiti will someday “rise from its ashes.” Through you continued support we can make a small difference by delivering relief to desperate refugees through Pere Bourdeau and the leadership of Hinche. Keep praying, donating, and forwarding this website!

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