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Harrison Ford Visits Hinche

February 11, 2010

Harrison Ford arrives in Hinche and is greeted by local kids. Ford came to the largest city in the Central Plateau to deliver doctors and supplies through Operation Smile. This new team of doctors is operating out of St. Therese in Hinche, where St.Bridget-Cathedral donations have gone to help feed patients.

I just received a new batch of journal entries from Dr. Sam and have posted them to his page. Turns out that just the other day, Harrison Ford flew his plane into Hinche. Ford, who is working with a team of doctors through Operation Smile, brought his single prop plane onto the gravel runway (pictures on the sidebar). He dropped off the new docs and spent some time in Hinche before heading back to the DR to continue with more flights. Dr. Sam’s account is pretty interesting. Pictures courtesy of Operation Smile via Dr. Sam Slishman.
Harrison Ford, actor and small plane pilot arrived in Hinche this week to drop off a new team of doctors at St. Therese - he made a brief visit to hospital as well.

In other news, the joint St. Bridget-Cathedral Haiti committee is meeting tonight at 7pm at St. Bridget’s. We will be dicussing our short-term as well as longer range efforts. In speaking to him on the phone this morning, Father Bourdeau sounded good. He’s provided us with a detailed report on how he spent our first emergency relief money. This document can be found on the “Funds Usage” tab.

Remember to keep donating, praying, and forwarding this website!

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