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4 Weeks Since the Quake – Tough Goin’ in Hinche

February 9, 2010

I spoke with Father Bourdeau today and it appears that times are tough, four weeks out from the terrible January 12, earthquake which has changed forever the nation of Haiti. I heard somewhere on the news an estimate that 3 million Hatians were impacted by the quake, I woud wager to say that a better number would be 10 million or so -the entire island’s population. Even towns unharmed by the earth’s tremors are now feeling the heavy burden of refugees, inflation, and scarce supplies. More specifics on Hinche are found below and in previous entries. I’ve also loaded two new “pages” which describe the situation immediately after and in an ongoing sense. Please keep checking back, forwarding this to your friends, and donating – info at left. Haiti, especially Hinche really needs our help at this crucial moment in history!
Below, Children Play at Sacre Coeur in Hinche. Your donations will help to feed kids such as these.

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