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More Meds Arrive in PAP, 2 Docs Doing “Good Work”

February 4, 2010

Its been a while since the last post, but there has been lots of news from Hinche. After speaking on the phone to Pere Etienne last night, Pere Bourdeau this morning, Delile this afternoon and the two American doctors via text messages, it sounds like Hinche is abuzz with activity.

News from Sacre Coeur Paroisse – Father Bourdeau says more and more people are coming each day to the soup kitchen which is generously funded by St. Monica’s Parish in Duluth, Ga. Some of the emergency money from St. Bridget’s-Cathedral Committee has also gone to supplement this feeding program. Father Bourdeau said that it not just the poor who are coming, but even families who were relatively well off before the quake – those with college educated children and steady jobs. The reason for the influx can be directly attributed to the fact that much of Hinche’s food supply has been cut off with all of the destruction of PAP.

Refugees such as those pictured in this photo, continue to pour into Hinche - resulting in low food supplies, empty wells, high gas prices and a daily struggle for every resident of the Central Plateau.

From all accounts it appears that the residents of Hinche are getting by with simple, infrequent meals of rice and beans. We’re working to see what other possibilties can be worked out before the remaining food stores are completely depleted.

On the medical front, St. Monica’s has sucessfully sent down a plane full of medical supplies which arrived last week. Father Bourdeau was able to take the first load of those meds up to Hinche last week. He’s going back to PAP tomorrow to pick up some more and possibly some meds being shipped in by cargo boat. It sounds like the Atlanta doctors will be heading down for a post-Easter trip in April.

Monday was the first day of school at Carissade and throughout the Plateau Central. One big problem, however, is the huge number of refugee students from PAP. The schools in Hinche weren’t equipped to handle all the school age kids beforehand – just imagine the situation now!

Carissade school Nurse Westhaplie does a check-up on students in this picture taken last year. Monday was the first day back to school since the quake. Westphalie and the students are now slowly getting back to a normal schedule

Finally an update from the two doctors – they’ve been working two days now at St. Therese Hospital in Hinche, doing surgery and helping quake victims. According to Pere Etienne, they’ve been doing “good work.” Some of the emergency cash we sent has gone to help these patients buy food, since meals are not provided at the hospital.

Please keep all of Haiti, especially Hinche and Father Bourdeau in your prayers. Keep forwarding and linking this website, and please keep donating – info on right hand sidebar.

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