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Three Weeks Since 1/12 – More News from Father Bourdeau

February 2, 2010

Today marks the third week since the catastrophic “tremblement de terre” or earthquake wrought devastation in Haiti. Now that Haiti news is beginning to fade from the world headlines, help is needed more than ever. This afternoon I spoke with Pere Bourdeau who is hosting two U.S. surgeons who will begin working at St. Therese Hospital tomorrow. This morning, the entire Diocese of Hinche gathered in Los Palis for a feast day. According to one of the doctors, the event included an hour long processional in which dancing children, live animals, and all 65 priests in the Diocese of Hinche processed into the small church (pictured below).

L'eglise de Los Palis where this morning's feast day was celebrated

School began again yesterday – a sign that life in Hinche is beginning to resume to normal, except for the fact that water, food, and gasoline are hard to find and very expensive. Add on to that an enormous refugee population to an already impoverished region. Pere Bourdeau says his soup kitchen is not only catering to the usual poor but to the entire neighborhood. He told me he has never seen anything this bad in his entire life. Those words come from the mouth of a man who has life has been marked by coups, hurricaines, and famines!

More updates to come. Keep praying, keep giving – donation info at right side panel.

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