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E-mail from Delile – “Terrible Situation” in Hinche

January 31, 2010

Delile’s email below, and the accompanying pictures give a sense of the despair and pain that Hinche is feeling. These photos were taken during yesterday’s visit by Bourdeau and Delile to the St. Therese Hopital in Hinche, at which point Pere Bourdeau distributed some food and money to the injured and dying. That money came directly from our first money wire – thanks to your generosity. We are hoping to send another one check the days to come. Please keep praying and donating (info at right).

Pere Bourdeau (left) gives money to an injured patient at the St. Therese Hospital in Hinche

“Fr Bourdeau, Fr Etienne and myself were proceeding to St-Therese hospital to share money to the sick people coming to Hinche the situation is very terrible. Even now they are carring people to Hinche hospital, then people keep leaving PAP to Hinche. This support is very appreciated, we thank you so much for you helps. Fr Bourdeau is working afterall to send you a final report with the names and amound each people receive. I will send some other pictures. I look forward to hearing from you. Delile”

Another amputee in Hinche hospital

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  1. Catherine Toth permalink
    February 2, 2010 10:05 pm

    You may want to explain that there is no food provided by the hospital for patients (even before the earthquake.) A family member starts a charcoal fire outside the hospital and cooks for their relative who is a patient. So, Father B distributing money allows patients without family to eat. They can pay others to cook for them.

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