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15 Days since the Quake, Troubling News from Hinche

January 27, 2010

After speaking with Pere Boureau twice this morning and exchanging e-mails with Pere Etienne and Delile Telfort, it appears that Hinche is in a very difficult situation.

Saint Therese Hospital is still operating short-staffed and with limited resources. The once 140-bed facility has brought in dozens of mattresses and patients are resting wherever they can find floor space. Father Bourdeau is planning on using some of the money wire funds to bring food to some of the patients who have no family or friends in Hinche.

Although some aid is slowly arriving in Port au Prince from a host of international nonprofits, none of those supplies are reaching the capital town in Haiti’s Plateau Central.

Last night on the Hinche Radio station (accessible online at, I listened as the station owner- Masner Beauplan estimated Hinche’s population to have swollen from 50,000 + before the quake, to now early 300,000 due to the arrival of injured, hungry, and desperate refugees.

One bit of good news – it sounds like school in Hinche will reopen February 1st. The only problem is that Hinche now has thousands of displaced schoolchildren. Even before January 12, there weren’t enough schools to house all the children. Now with a student population approximatly 5 times larger, principals and leaders are inundated with new pupils, but there is no space, food, or teachers to facilitate this growing need.

Now that FONKOZE bank is up and running, we are able to wire funds to Pere Bourdeau. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated. The Cathedral of Sacred Heart-St.Bridget Joint Haiti Committee is an 100% volunteer organization, with no overhead costs. All of your donation goes directly to the source

Please send checks to: St. Bridget Church Haiti Committee
Memo Line: Hinche Relief
6006 Three Chopt Road
Richmond, VA 23226-2797
(804) 282-9511

Please keep praying for Haiti, and let’s not forget about Hinche. Pere Etienne sent me a list of intentions/prayers of the faithful. Those are listed below on the right-hand column. Be sure to check back daily for updates.

Picture of the Original Cathedrale in Hinche - built in the 1500's. Photo taken before the quake.

According to sources on the ground, the open plaza in front of this ancient church, and practically every open street in Hinche is now covered with refugees who are just camping out and waiting for aid. The once calm scene is now one of unimaginable chaos and despair.

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