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NEWS from Hinche, via Pere Bourdeau’s Cell Phone

January 19, 2010

Our contacts on the ground - Pere Bourdeau (center) will directly be getting the aid and distributing it throughout the town of Hinche, now overrun by refugees

Just got off the phone from Pere Bourdeau. He’s over at the hospital saying last rites. He says things are hard. The money transfer is opening up soon, and we’re working on other efforts to get supplies directly to the source. Keep Praying!!!

See his picture above (center in pink shirt), along with two other local leaders – Carissade school principal Beltre St. Ange (left), and UN translator and committee communications aide Delile Telfort (right).

Your money will be going right to these local leaders who have the resources, infrastructure, and know how to put the cash to work immediately and get fast relief to these people, children, and injured.

See picture below of Carissade school children – all of whom are waiting on your contributions to be wired and used to help support relief efforts in their town.

School Children in Carissade, not far from Hinche

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